Carel Keuls

Advisor Knowledge Management


Mr. Carel Keuls is a senior knowledge management advisor at IHE Delft. He has a background in Social Sciences and Knowledge Management. He brings in a 10 years experience in bridging gaps between (regional) policy making and information technology predominantly in the field of regional spatial planning.

Since 2005 he is full-time employee of IHE Delft (since 1 January 2017 the successor of UNESCO-IHE). His previous focus and experience was on developing and supporting collaborative knowledge networks and the support of life long learning processes for water professionals. He was a senior member of staff in the Knowledge and Capacity Development Chair group. During the period 2005-2017 he focussed on developing and supporting collaborative knowledge networks related to water capacity development: CKNet-INA (Indonesia), AWPF Network of Knowledge Hubs and the Nile Basin Capacity Building Network (NBCBN) as well as various other Capacity Building Programmes for various clients (DGIS, NUFFIC, etc).

He also organised on demand the Workshop “Knowledge Management for Decision Makers in the Water sector”.

During 2013-2016 he was involved as one of the coordinators of the International Water Leadership Program (IWLP) in cooperation with Nyenrode University and the International Water Center (IWC) in Brisbane, Australia.

He is since 1 January 2017 staff member of the Education Bureau. His current focus is on quality assurance, information and knowledge management processes within organisations and IHE Delft in specific as well as on strengthening didactical skill development. In the last five years he delivered didactical training programs for teaching staff in Uganda, Benin, Palestine, Jordan, as well as supported the accreditation process of IHE's MSc programmes and institutional quality management.


The red threads in his activities

* Supporting water related organisations and networks to develop and deliver high quality, demand driven knowledge services

* Challenges in knowledge management related topics, with a balanced view on the organizational/people aspects as well as the enabling information & communication technologies

* Strengthening the quality of teaching and learning.


He is a conceptual thinker, but output and result oriented. 


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Other information

Main qualifications:

Quality aspects in higher education

Quality management

Quality in delivering education

Enhancing didactical skills of water professional and university staff

On the basis of the constructive alignment and active learning approach support teaching staff in strengthening or improving their didactical skills

Professional expert in Knowledge Management

Specialized in groups process support, initiating and developing Communities of Practice, ICT support, application and implementation, promoting integrated approach and demand orientation

Technology support for knowledge access and exchange

The knowledge platform DeltaLinK, a knowledge platform for the 6 partner institutes in Delft Cluster, has been co-leaded in design, development and implementation in the period 2003-2004 in cooperation with Logica CMG; For the indonesian network, CKNet-INA, a webbased knowledge map has been developed.

Knowledge management review & evaluation

Development and implementation of a knowledge management evaluation instrument (knowME) for Delft Cluster (academic environment) in cooperation with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

Developing knowledge networks

During the period 2000-2015 increased experience with the development of professional networks (Knowledge networks and Communities of Practice) to activate and stimulate applied research and other collaborative work, like joint curriculum development. Special emphasis on Delft Cluster (The Netherlands), and the Nile region (Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, D.R. Congo and Uganda) and Indonesia.


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