Caring matters in knowing water

Hybrid event – Venue: Paul Renaud Room, Building 11, La Gaillarde Campus, L’InstituAgro Montpellier, 2 Place Viala, Montpellier

This event engages with the transformations needed to deal with problems caused by climate change, environmental degradation and resource pressure as they become manifest in/through water. Two UNESCO centres, IHE Delft and the International Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Water Systems Dynamics (ICIREWARD) in Montpellier, will bring together scholars and students from a range of disciplines and from many parts of the world around contemporary sustainability challenges in water.

The insight generated by critical social scientists (prominently including but not limited to political ecologists) that growing pressures on the environment – and the resulting pollutions, scarcities, and depletions – are not natural processes but the outcome of specific histories and practices of ‘development’.

This is a ‘development’ that is highly uneven, and premised on systematically undervaluing both nature and labour. Supporting sustainable and just water futures entails critically questioning such forms of development, as well as the science and technologies that help make them possible. 

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