Chidiebere Nnebuo

Not only am I learning about new technologies, but I am also learning how to solve problems in a sustainable way.''

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Chidiebere Nnebuo is from Nigeria. He has been working as an industrial trainee student since 2009 at a consultancy named Enplan Group in Nigeria and he stayed with them after his graduation in 2011. Chidiebere gives advice on water supply and water distribution. At his work he noticed how high the quality of work was of colleagues who had studied at IHE Delft. “My colleagues who also studied at IHE Delft are doing their jobs very well.” 

 “Studying at IHE Delft is an opportunity for me to learn and improve; in Nigeria we have a lot of water challenges and water related issues in relation to sanitation. There are integrated urban water management masterplans for the emerging cities. It is important that I not only learn new technologies, but also ways to formulate new solutions to problems that are also environmentally sustainable.” Chidiebere received a NFP scholarship to study Water Supply Engineering, Urban Water and Sanitation at IHE Delft.

“The Netherlands is known for their innovations in water technology, therefore I think it is the right place for me to gain the experience and knowledge needed to solve water problems back home in Nigeria. The teaching style of IHE Delft is fast. Lecturers expect you to have a background in the subjects, you are however free to ask questions and there are no stupid questions at IHE Delft. The lecturers make clear that it is not only about solving a problem, but also about the ability to coordinate and work with other interdisciplinary teams to find a sustainable solution. In that case you also have to work with people from other backgrounds.”

Chidiebere wants to work in Nigeria in the future, but at the same time he is learning a lot of things that he would like to put into practice. “At the moment I am learning more about GIS and innovations in water treatment. As much as I want to go back, I am also looking at opportunities to solve problems elsewhere.” 

“The first week at IHE Delft was really good. The programme was fun and it was well-organised. I live in a hostel in Delft close to IHE Delft and I like it. During the course of my studies at IHE Delft I have made friends there. I like to work and discuss with students from other programmes. The international network is very important to me.” 

It is the first time that Chidiebere has been to Europe. “Delft is an ancient city and I like it. When you decide to come to IHE Delft, you gain a different mind-set. The surroundings and the programme ease the stress from the academic part, you also have a lot of activities to connect with the other students. It is a wonderful place to be.”


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