Chris Seijger PhD, MSc

Postdoc Researcher for NWO UDW project


Mr. Chris Seijger is an enthusiastic social scientist with a background in land and water management. He is passionate about the implementation and realisation of solutions that support a sustainable development of delta regions and river basins. To achieve this, Mr. Seijger improves the uptake of knowledge in decision-making processes in an  effective working style. He provides a bird-eye view on complex land and water issues, is strong in communication to different audiences (from decision-maker to researcher and laymen) and is sensible to political, organisational and cultural aspects.

In the department of Integrated Water Systems and Governance, Chris is postdoctoral researcher in the NWO UDW project ‘Strengthening strategic delta planning processes in Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Vietnam and beyond’. The project is about strategic delta planning and implementation, wherein researchers look at the role of actor coalitions, partricipatory planning tools and innovative solutions. Meanwhile Chris lives in Freiburg (Germany) where he engages with lecturing and research in the field of Water Governance and Transition Studies at Freiburg University. 

At Wageningen University (2004-2010), Chris developed a particular interest in water issues and solutions that require integration across policy domains (e.g. flood control, agriculture) and between professions (e.g. policy makers, stakeholders). He holds a BSc degree in Soil, Water and Atmosphere and an MSc degree in Hydrology and Water Quality. During his masters he specialised in Integrated Water Management and also obtained a minor in Irrigation and Water Management. In 2014, he obtained the degree of doctor at the University of Twente for his dissertation ‘Interactive knowledge development in coastal projects’.



In preparation:

Seijger, C., Ellen, G., Verheijen, E., Janssen, S., Erkens, G., How sinking deltas are constrained by a dual lock-in of technology and institutions. Under review in Prometheus Critical Studies on Innovation.

Seijger, C., Vo, H., van Halsema, G., Douven, W., Wyatt, A., Do strategic delta plans get implemented? The case of the Mekong Delta Plan. Under review in Regional Environmental Change.

Seijger, C., K. Meijer, M. van Aalst, M. Wiggers, H. Winsemius. Estimating implementation feasibility of coastal flood protection strategies at the global scale.


Seijger, C., S. Brouwer, A. van Buuren, H.K. Gilissen, M. van Rijswick, M. Hendriks (2017). Functions of OECD Water Governance Principles in assessing water governance practices: assessing the Dutch Flood Protection Programme. Water International. doi/full/10.1080/02508060.2018.1402607

Seijger, C., W. Douven, G. van Halsema, L. Hermans, J. Evers, H.L. Phi, M.F. Khan, J. Brunner, L. Pols, W. Ligtvoet, S. Koole, K. Slager, M.S. Vermoolen, S. Hasan, V.T.M. Hoang (2016). An analytical framework for strategic delta planning: negotiating consent for long-term sustainable delta development
Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.

Seijger, C., H.S. Otter, J. Van Tatenhove and G. Dewulf (2016). Socially robust knowledge in coastal projects. Environmental Science & Policy 55: 393-407.

Seijger, C., G. Dewulf, J. Van Tatenhove and H.S. Otter (2015). Towards practitioner-initiated interactive knowledge development for sustainable development: A cross-case analysis of three coastal projects. Global Environmental Change 34: 227-236.

Seijger, C., J. Van Tatenhove, G. Dewulf and H.S. Otter (2014). Responding to coastal problems: Interactive knowledge development in a US nature restoration project. Ocean & Coastal Management 89: 29-38.

Seijger, C., G. Dewulf, H.S. Otter and J. Van Tatenhove (2013). Understanding interactive knowledge development in coastal projects. Environmental Science & Policy 29: 103-114.




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