Chunqing Wang

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Numerical Modelling of Ice Floods in the Ning-Meng reach of the Yellow River basin

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Ning-Meng reach (including Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) is located at the northern part of the Yellow River basin, with the distance of 1,237 km. Every year in winter, Ning-Meng reach always freezes-up, and during the freeze-up and breakup period, when the unfavorable conditions are met, it is very easy to cause the ice disasters such as dike break etc.

Ice regime information and forecasting is the most important scientific supporting measure for ice flood control, regulation and decision making. Following the development of the integrated water resources management of the Yellow River, the requirement of the water regulation of the upper Yellow River in ice flood period not only safeguard the ice flood, also satisfy sufficiently utilize the limited water resources. So it brings forward the higher requirement for the ice regime forecast content and its leading time and precision.

In order to solve the above mentioned problem, the Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC) proposed to build up ice regime flood numerical model for the Ning-Meng reach to simulate and forecast the ice processes during the ice flood period.

The generalized ice regime flood numerical model is proposed to make for the Ning-Meng reach which consists of 5 modules:

  • preprocessing of meteorological data module which process the observed meteorological stations data and meteorological numerical model output coming from CMA and Hyper-computer Center of YRCC respectively
  • preprocessing of hydrological data module which process the observed hydrological data from hydrometric stations;
  • initialization of ice regime module which process the observed ice regime from hydrometric stations;
  • thermal balance calculation module and
  • dynamic balance calculation module. These last two modules are the main part of the model and should couple each other during the model calculation.


The principal aim of this study is (1) to analyze ice regime variation regular laws and characteristics of the Ning-Meng reach in recent 50 years, especially after the Liujiaxia reservoir put into operation in 1986; and (2) to build up the generalized ice regime flood numerical model for the purpose of the decision making supporting for ice flood control of the Yellow River.


Employer: Deputy director of Hydrological and Water Resources Information Center of Hydrology Bureau, Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC), Ministry of Water Resources (MWR), P.R.China.

Name of the Project: Numerical Modeling of Ice Floods in the Ning-Meng reach of the Yellow River basin

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Chunqing Wang was awarded with a Doctoral degree on 8 December 2017.


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