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Information related to the coronavirus situation for all applicants and those who intend to apply for any study at IHE Delft.

Latest update: 14 December 2020

MSc Programmes

All Delft based MSc programmes, as well as the Sanitation programme, have started on Monday 2 November 2020.

Short Courses

FAQs MSc Programmes starting in 2020

Start of academic year and online education

Will the academic year 2020/21 start in Delft, the Netherlands, as scheduled on 15 October 2020?

No, the start of the academic year 2020/21 has been postponed and will start on Monday 2 November 2020. The official opening of the academic year will be on Wednesday 4 November 2020.

When should I arrive?

Students are advised to arrive between 28 October and 01 November 2020. Upon arrival all students need to stay for 10 days in self-quarantine in their student accommodation. The social cultural officers will assist that necessary shopping will be done.

Is IHE Delft planning to offer both face to face education as well as online education at the same time?

The first two modules are scheduled in the period 9 November – 11 December 2020. They will be followed by an online examination week (14 – 18 December 2020). Lectures will for the most part be offered online, but IHE Delft aims to offer face to face education for smaller groups where possible.

What is meant by online modules?

The courses of IHE Delft’s MSc Programmes are taught in modules, which in most cases have a duration of three weeks. If modules are taught online, this means that the students do not come to the IHE Delft building and sit in the classroom with the lecturer, but stay in their own accommodation in Delft and follow the lecture on their computer. Via the computer it will be possible to see and chat with the lecturer and the other students via a camera on the computer and chatbox.

Will IHE Delft provide me with details on how to register for classes in the first semester?

After IHE Delft has received financial confirmation for your study (either self-payer or sponsor), you will receive an IHE Delft account as well as access to IHE Delft’s virtual learning platform. You will be automatically enrolled in the first modules of the programme. Further instructions will follow shortly before the start of the programme.

How is IHE Delft preparing for online education?

The online modules will be designed to serve students from all parts of the world. This typically implies:

  • largely asynchronous teaching activities;
  • reduced number and duration of lectures;
  • focus on self-learning / ‘flip the classroom’ concept;
  • interactive sessions for different time zones;
  • online formative assessments;
  • online summative assignments;
  • moderated fora discussion/s.

Now that the programme will start with online education, is it necessary that I travel to the Netherlands before the start of the programme?

If possible. We strongly encourage all students to come to the Netherlands before the start of the programme. Reasons include:

  • better internet connection;
  • being able to use the IHE Delft laptop with installed software
  • full time availability to study;
  • good study facilities, good student room and quiet study place;
  • probably more guaranteed study time than at home, in view of other demands placed on you there;
  • some activities may already be offered F2F 
  • various social events in the Netherlands are possible again, you could already start the experience of living in a foreign country and, if only partially, experience elements of international student life;
  • same time zone as where lecture being delivered.

How is IHE Delft preparing to enable students who cannot travel to Delft to participate in the modules?

Students who cannot travel to Delft need to be able to participate in the modules. This means that:

  • we establish minimum requirements for Internet connections and computer specifications;
  • we adjust the learning materials / tools / modalities to work with limited bandwidth;
  • IT can create ‘virtual IHE Delft laptops’ that remote students can access with their own equipment;
  • IT can provide support to remote learners using the virtual IHE Delft laptops with own equipment;
  • remote learners can make use of C-labs .

Is there an ultimate date on which I would need to be at IHE Delft in person?

Students are required to be in Delft by 3 January 2021 at the latest, as IHE Delft cannot deliver the programmes online remotely from module 3 onwards.

Where can I find the academic calendar?

For the 18 months MSc programme: academic calendar

For the 1 year MSc Sanitation programme: academic calendar

What will happen in case it will not be possible for me to arrive 3 January 2021 at the latest?

Students who are not in Delft will, in principal, have to discontinue their studies and ideally (if scholarship programme permits) enrol again one year later. In specific cases it may be possible to arrive a little later than 3 January 2021. You are requested to contact your fellowship officer as soon as you know that arrival by 3 January will not be possible.

Can IHE Delft guarantee it will continue with the MSc Programme in January 2021?

IHE Delft will continue the MSc Programmes with students in Delft as from January 2021, provided that:

a) IHE Delft can offer education at least in a blended format (a combination of face-to-face and online learning), to comply with social distancing regulations in the Netherlands and

b) a critical mass of students is physically present in Delft, to justify the continuation of the programme.

Is it possible to be enrolled in the programme from the start while not in the Netherlands?

As the first part will be offered online, it will be possible that a student whose tuition fees are paid, is enrolled, while not in the Netherlands. However, all students who have obtained a visa or do not need a visa and who have a flight reservation, are advised to attend the programme in Delft, because this has many advantages (laptop from IHE Delft, good internet connection, same time zone, study environment). However, in case this is not possible, IHE Delft is preparing its online education in such a way that there is a strong possibility that students can follow the online programme while in their home country.

My country does not have any travel restrictions and I am able to travel to the Netherlands. Will the education still be delivered online for me?

Yes, the first study period, up to the end of December 2020 will be delivered online, unless all students are in Delft and there are no restrictions regarding the use of the building. In the online modules we will include occasional face-to-face activities for those students who are in Delft (to the extent possible).

I do not have a laptop and I have limited access to internet, how can I study online?

To attend the classes online from your home country or while in Delft, and to do your assignments, it is absolutely required to have a laptop/computer with a stable internet connection, a microphone and a camera/webcam. If you are in Delft, you will be offered a laptop from IHE Delft on loan.

What measures will IHE Delft take when F2F education is going to be offered?

IHE Delft has a strict protocol and hygiene plan in place and fully respect the norms and guidelines developed for this purpose by the relevant authorities and IHE Delft itself. Before their arrival, students, staff and visitors will be informed about the standards and expected behaviour in this regard.

Cost related matters

If I am a self-payer, accepted and have already paid the tuition fee, but unable to start my studies due to corona related measures. Will I suffer any financial consequences?

Modules one and two, up to the end of December 2020 will be delivered online, unless all students are in Delft and there are no restrictions regarding the use of the building. In the online modules we will include occasional face-to-face activities for those students who are in Delft (to the extent possible). All students are advised to arrive in Delft before the start of the programme. Should this not be possible due to Corona related measures, you can follow online education from your country. Should this not be possible and you can prove that this is because you do not possess a computer or because there is unstable or weak internet connection, the tuition fee will be reimbursed to you.

If I have a scholarship, but unable to start my study in The Netherlands as I did not receive my visa in time/non availability of flights, and due to bad internet or connection in my country or non-availability of laptop, I will not be able to follow online education, what are then the financial consequences?

The rules and regulations of your sponsor will apply. IHE Delft will do its best to find suitable solutions where possible, but your sponsor may decide to cancel your scholarship.

How about the living fee?

The living fee is based on the number of months that a student will live in the Netherlands. If a student will come to the Netherlands later in the year, the required amount needed for your study period in The Netherlands will thus be lower than normal.

If the first semester will start online, am I eligible to receive a tuition fee discount?

The basic premise of IHE Delft is that all education continues as much as possible, albeit in an adapted form, so that it abides by the government measures that currently apply to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are making all extra efforts needed to continue our master programmes and to maintain their quality. In addition, we strive to minimize any adverse effects from the Corona pandemic on the study programmes of our students, so that there will be little to no study delay. The overall quality and value of the IHE Delft master degree certificates remain the same as before. Therefore, the obligation to pay regular tuition fees as a student is maintained.

I am a self-payer. If due to Corona related measures, I will not be able to start my study physically in Delft in January, will the tuition fee be reimbursed to me?

Students who are not in Delft will have to discontinue their study and ideally enrol again one year later. In this case IHE will keep the tuition fee, to be used for next year’s programme. If a student decides to stop the study completely, only the fees for the first period attended need to be paid. The rest will be reimbursed to the student.

If I am a self-payer and I paid the tuition fee and later I decide to defer to the next academic year due to corona related measures, will this be possible?

Yes, this will be possible if you inform IHE before 1 October 2020 at the latest. IHE Delft will keep your tuition fee for next years’ programme. However, you may have to pay for possible out of pocket costs.

I am a scholarship holder. If due to Corona related measures, I will not be able to start my study physically in Delft in January, what will happen?

If the scholarship programme permits, you may enrols a year later. If the scholarship provider does not permit postponement, the student will have to stop his/her study completely or continue a year later as a self-payer.


I am unable to collect my entry visa for the Netherlands in my home country due to the coronavirus measurements, what should I do?

For all prospective students, who have confirmed funding (via scholarship confirmation or payment of the fees), and who need a visa/residence permit for the Netherlands, IHE Delft will start the procedure for visa application. The Immigration Department in the Netherlands will check the necessary documents and will send the approval for issuing your entry visa to the Netherlands’ representatives abroad. At this moment many of the Netherlands representatives are opening. You may check the situation for your country at:

What happens if I cannot get my visa in time?

Should it not be possible for you to arrive before the start of the programme, you will have to start with online education from your home country. IHE Delft will provide you with the necessary information. You may enrol in the programme in Delft, as soon as you have obtained your visa. The ultimate date for arrival in the Netherlands is 3 January 2021. From that moment onwards, IHE Delft will not be in a position to offer the 2020/2022 MSc Programmes online. If it is impossible for you to arrive by 3 January 2021, you are advised to contact your fellowship officer.


When do I have to make a reservation for accommodation?

IHE Delft offers student accommodation in cooperation with housing agency DUWO. This accommodation can only be arranged via the IHE Delft social cultural office. You will receive the accommodation manual with further instructions from the fellowship and admission office after you have received final confirmation of your registration (have paid the fees/confirmation of scholarship). Upon receipt of your flight details, you will be requested to make a reservation.

My arrival date is still uncertain, as I am not sure when I will get my visa or can make flight reservation. From which date onwards do I need to make reservation for accommodation?

In the accommodation manual, which you will receive after IHE Delft has received your financial confirmation, you will find further instructions.

Will there be enough accommodation available?

Until now IHE Delft always managed to find rooms for Delft based students that were admitted and applied for a room. While, given the current circumstances we cannot give an absolute guarantee, we commit to helping you find a room if you apply for one, and we are confident of this being successful.

What are the measures taken to ensure the safety of the students staying at any of the IHE Delft student accommodations?

IHE Delft follows the general regulations of the Government of the Netherlands, including keeping 1,5 metres distance from other persons; not shaking hands; and washing your hands regularly with soap and water.

Housing agency DUWO is paying extra attention to reminding the residents of the IHE Delft student hostels of these regulations via posters. Additional cleaning of “contact surfaces” in common areas such as door handles, lift knobs and banisters is being done in the student hostels. Please note that in shared accommodation there is no cleaning surface for shared spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Maintaining cleanliness in these spaces is the responsibility of the students themselves. Students are furthermore advised to respect social distancing rules by limiting the number of guests they invite and maintaining 1.5 meter distance from guests within their accommodation in accordance with government regulations.

For more information on measures taken by housing agency DUWO at the IHE Delft student hostels, as well as their other student complexes, please see:

Can I seek for accommodation myself?

Students who are studying at IHE Delft with a scholarship are obliged to stay in the IHE Delft student accommodation. Students who are self-funded are allowed to search for and stay in accommodation outside of the IHE Delft student hostels. If you prefer to search for your own accommodation yourself and are a self-payer, please contact: Please note that IHE Delft cannot guarantee that the same hygiene measures will be in place as in the IHE Delft student hostels.

Quarantine measures

Is the Netherlands open to foreign Nationals?

Yes, with restrictions. For the latest information you may check this website.


If I were to come to IHE Delft, what quarantine measures would I have to take?

For the current measures please find detailed advice on the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) website, which is updated on a regular basis.

The latest information is that you would need to go in self-quarantine for 10 days. For the latest information you may check this website.

Will I need to take a corona test upon reaching the Netherlands?

At the moment you are not required to take a corona test when you arrive in the Netherlands, but this may change. For detailed advice see the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) website.

What if I get sick after I arrive in the Netherlands?

International students who come to study at IHE Delft can take a medical insurance with AON. This insurance will be arranged for you by IHE Delft after you have paid the fees/confirmation of scholarship and is valid from your advised date of departure to The Netherlands. You will then be insured from your departure from your home country, you will also be insured during the trip and on arrival in the Netherlands.

If you experience symptoms of a cold or flu, such as a nose cold, sore throat or light cough, the strong advice is to stay at home, to avoid any social contact, and to rest. In case the symptoms worsen (a fever of more than 38 Celsius and difficulty breathing) and you require medical assistance, you should contact a doctor (GP) by phone. For newly arrived students, the IHE Delft Welfare Office can assist with contacting a GP. For more information about personal health and the coronavirus, please see the recommendations released by the Government of the Netherlands.

What is the Dutch approach to the COVID-19 virus?

The Dutch approach aims to keep the COVID-19 virus under control. This way, we will protect vulnerable groups and make sure that the healthcare system is able to cope. As people are following the measures on, the situation has improved since March 2020. The figures show a positive trend. Now, it is important that the virus stays under control until a vaccine or treatment is available. We are therefore taking a step-by-step approach:

Scholarship matters

I am recipient of an OKP scholarship and I cannot travel to the Netherlands, am I still entitled to receive monthly allowance?

If you cannot travel to the Netherlands, you are entitled to receive your full monthly allowance for the Netherlands for a period of 3 months minus deduction of your room rent in the Netherlands, which you are required to reserve from the start of the programme. Payment will be made after your arrival at IHE Delft. Please note that you are expected to arrive in person in the Netherlands not later than 3 January 2021.

How do I reserve my accommodation upon coming to the IHE Delft?

After financial confirmation for your study (either scholarship or self-payer), you need to make a reservation for accommodation. Information how to do this will be provided to you through the accommodation manual.


In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, please contact our admissions office by sending an email to:

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