Coronavirus - Information for prospective students

Information related to the coronavirus situation for all applicants and those who intend to apply for any study at IHE Delft.

General information

Latest update on 19 May 2020

To all applicants and those who intend to apply for any study at IHE Delft (Short/Online Course, MSc Programmes and PhD Programme), we would like to inform you that, in the absence of certainty about how long the Coronavirus crisis will continue, we are assuming that the intake will happen in the normal way, unless communicated otherwise on this page. Of course we will keep you updated with any developments, so please keep checking this webpage.

Cancelled short courses:

  • Short courses starting in March, April and May 2020 are cancelled
  • Summer courses 2020 (27-31 July 2020) are cancelled
  • Short courses with a start date in June or July 2020 will not be held on-campus at IHE Delft. We are currently exploring the possibility to deliver courses in an online format. All accepted course participants are being kept informed by email.

For the next round of short courses IHE Delft offers, which will be the September courses, no decision has been taken yet. Beside the fact that we are unsure whether or not short courses will run again on campus as scheduled, IHE Delft is facing some challenges to accommodate all external short course participants and at the same time respecting a social distance of 1.5 meter. We do hope to share more information at the beginning of August 2020.

Frequently asked questions

When do the new MSc Programmes start?

  • The start of the MSc Programme in Sanitation is postponed from May 2020 to 15 October 2020.
  • The Delft based MSc Programmes in Environmental Science, Urban Water and Sanitation, Water Management and Governance, and Water Science and Engineering will start, as planned, on 15 October 2020, albeit with a possible online first phase. We are currently exploring with joint programme partner institutes if a similar approach is feasible for our Joint MSc Programmes.
  • IHE Delft is involved in three European Joint Master Degree programmes (IMETE, GroundWatCh and FloodRiskMaster). These programmes will start, as planned, on 14 September 2020, albeit with a possible online first phase. Visit the websites of these programmes for more information. 

When can I expect the outcome of my application?

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a big impact on the way we live and work worldwide. At IHE Delft, our admissions staff are currently working remotely. We realise that you may be concerned about any impact this will have on your application to study with us, and we would like to give you some reassurance. Our admissions staff have access to all our systems and are continuing to process applications as normal.

Any academic staff involved in making admissions decisions are also able to participate remotely. However, this new way of working will take a little time to settle down and it does mean you may see a delay in decision making on your application. Please bear with us as we make these adjustments. We will make decisions as quickly as we can, and we will communicate these with you as normal.

My English laguage test centre is closed, can I still submit my application?

We are aware that English language test centres are closed in many countries and you may be concerned about being unable to take your English language test to meet the English language requirements. It is however important for the success of your studies at IHE Delft that you can demonstrate good English language skills.

Please note that ETS offers the possibility to do the IBT test at home. You could also use IELTS Indicator, a test of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking which you can complete at home with results available within seven days. We advise you to take one of these tests, if available for your country.

While we hope test centres will reopen soon in your country, we will continue to review other options and will keep you informed if we make any changes to accepted English language tests. In any case if you do not have your English test results available at this moment, you are advised to submit your application for admission without the English test. IHE Delft will consider if you meet the admission requirements and send you a conditional admission letter. You can then submit your English test results later.


In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, please contact our admissions office by sending an email to:

More info

  • To read about IHE Delft’s general Coronavirus measures, click here
  • For an update from Nuffic about the Coronavirus crisis, click here


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