This project will lead to a significantly reduced impact of flooding, as a result of climate change, on society in general and in particular the livelihoods of the poorest populations of Alexandria, Egypt. AFMA sets an example for other urban Egyptian / Arab areas and concerns “an innovative, no-regret approach (low hanging fruit: little investment and large gains) which allows to both mitigate and reduce the impacts of flooding resulting from extreme weather events” - both short and long term. Preparedness and adaptation will lead to increasing flood resilience, thus benefitting from Dutch experience in Anticipatory Flood Management.

NBCBN is a regional network for capacity building of water professionals in the Nile basin. The network was launched in the year 2002 as a non-traditional network and served as a pilot in the Nile Basin.It has proven to be a unique structure and a valuable tool for capacity building over the years. The success of the network comes from the real impact that it generated on the performance of people working at both national and regional level in the Nile basin. NBCBN Main goals are to complete and strengthen a knowledge Network in the Nile basin, to build a sustainable knowledge base, to generate and implement joint applied research with tangible outputs that supports sustainable development and livelihoods, contributing directly to the generation of knowledge in water resources management and to co-create sustainable ways of collaboration, knowledge dissemination and knowledge sharing in the basin. IHE Delft supports the network in reaching these goals.


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