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Cristobal is a senior researcher trained at the intersections of science and technology studies, social anthropology and clinical psychology. He holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, and my research explores socio-natural entanglements and clashes between scientific and indigenous worlds and practices. Thanks to a Marie Curie Individual Global Fellowship, he has joined the Water Governance group at IHE Delft to study interactions between people and groundwater in one of the driest places on earth: the Atacama desert of Northern Chile. His project, called ‘Invisible Waters’ , proposes improving the understanding the interactions between people and aquifers with the objective of proposing creative ways to improve the longer term sustainability and equity of groundwater use and extraction.

Although billions of people rely for their everyday existence on aquifers, the invisibility of these waters poses formidable challenges for those who rely on them: locating, measuring and controlling aquifers is complex and precarious. Building on trans-disciplinary studies that consider water as the contested nexus of social and political affairs, my project explores groundwater as both mediating and generating diverse ‘groundwater practices’: as an invisible resource, groundwater requires visualization; as an underground supply, it calls for innovative extractive techniques; as a finite good, groundwater needs to be regulated and controlled; and as a practical everyday resource, it sustains irrigation, sanitation, and human consumption. Through ethnographic fieldwork in Atacama Desert of Northern Chile, the project proposes studying everyday groundwater practices with a focus on the effects that different ways of visualization, extraction, use and regulation have on socio-economic and eco-political inequalities.


Refereed articles in Peer Review Journals:

  • Bonelli, C. and Gonzalez, M. 2017. The roads of immanence: infrastructural change in Southern Chile. Mobilities.
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  • Bonelli, C. 2012. Ontological disorders: Nightmares, psychotropic drugs and evil spirits in southern Chile. Anthropological Theory. 12 (4). 

Edited Books:

  • 2017 Co-editor of A contra-corriente: Agua y conflicto en Latinoamerica. Editorial   AbyaYala, Quito. Serie Agua y Sociedad, Justicia Hidrica n. 25

In preparation:

  • Co-edited with Antonia Walford. Environmental Alterities. Mattering Press.

Book chapters:

  • Bonelli, C. Forthcoming. Spectral forces, time and excess in Southern Chile. Chapter within the book ‘The World Multiple: Everyday Politics of Knowing and Generating Entangled Worlds’. Routledge
  • Bonelli, C. 2017.  Aguas Equivocas en el Sur de Chile. In A contra-corriente: agua y conflicto en Latinomamerica. Editorial AbyaYala, Quito. Serie Agua y Sociedad, Justicia Hidrica n. 25. Edited by Cristobal Bonelli and Gisselle Vila
  • Bonelli, C. 2014. Trastornos  Ontologicos: pesadillas, farmacos psicotropicos y espiritus malignos en el Sur de Chile, in Tecnologias en el margen: relaciones humano-materiales en America Latina. (eds.) P. Di Giminiani, S. Gonzalez, M. Murray and H. Risor.  Mexico D.F.:  Bonilla Artigas Editores.

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