Design of Breakwaters

Get ready to design breakwaters, evaluate them and supervise the construction.

For whom?

Graduates from civil, coastal engineering, involved in the design, construction and supervision or breakwaters


Basic knowledge of the coastal processes such as short waves and tides

Learning objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:
  1. Determine the governing factors and design conditions for design of breakwaters;
  2. Choose the optimal type of breakwater in a specific situation;
  3. Design the crest level based on allowable wave overtopping or transmission;
  4. Design breakwaters from conceptual to detailed and prepare the detailed cross-sections;
  5. Design a physical scale model to test the design of breakwaters or coastal structures;

Course content

This course is delivered by world–renowned Professor Jentsje van der Meer. He will share his valuable experience with the participants and teach them state of the art methods to design breakwaters amongst others based on the newly published literature such as “EurTop 2018 edition” and “Design and Construction of Berm Breakwaters”. Participants will receive a softcopy of both books at the beginning of the course.

This course includes a real case assignment, participants will design a breakwater under the supervision of the lecturers and will present and discuss their design on the last day of the course.


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