IHE Delft is based in Delft and can easily be reached by car or public transport. From Schiphol Airport to Delft takes you 40 minutes by train.

Visiting Address

Westvest 7
2611 AX Delft
The Netherlands


Please note that currently the area in front of the IHE Delft building is under construction. Getting to IHE Delft will be made as easy as possible but it may differ from what you are used to. Read more about the construction process here.

By car

From the A13 Amsterdam–Rotterdam, take the exit ‘Delft-Noord’ and follow the signs to the city centre. After about 2 km you will see a railway viaduct ahead. Follow the road to the left. At the next junction with traffic lights go straight on. The Institute is on your left.


IHE Delft has its own car park, but its capacity is very limited. Read more about other (paid) car parking options here (in Dutch). Visitors are advised to come by public transport.

By train

IHE Delft is easy to reach by train and IHE Delft is located at 10 minutes walking distance from the Delft Central Station. At the station, follow the signs that direct you to the historical center of Delft, once you have crossed the road (Westvest) turn left. IHE Delft, Westvest 7, is located about two hundred meters down the road. See also: Journey Planner Dutch Railways.

Visitors arriving at Schiphol Airport can travel to IHE Delft by train. The railway station is at Schiphol Plaza, in the centre of the airport. In some cases it is necessary to change trains at either Leiden Central Station or The Hague Holland Spoor Station.




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