Duoc Nguyen

PhD candidate


Duoc Nguyen graduated on 10 June 2022. Find the link to the thesis here.

Duoc Nguyen started his PhD in UN-IHE from 2014 under the supervison of Prof. Dano Roelvink. He studied Oceanography in Honor program at Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam. He did his Master in Ocean Physics in the same University. He worked for several National and International organizations such as Vietnam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment, Vietnam Administration of Sea and Islands, and Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (UNEP).


Development of 3D Wave-current Interaction Formulation in Delft3D Model, Application in the Mekong Estuaries and Outflow Areas

Research Summary

In the study, I develop a three dimensional wave-current interaction formulation. The Generalized Lagrangian Mean method is employed to obtain quasi-Eulerian mean equations of motion of fluid particles. The new equations are applicable from deep water to coastal zone, estuaries, and outflow areas. Besides, the relationship between wave radiation stress and vortex force representations is also proved. A 2DV numerical model is developed to validate the new equation in adiabatic conditions as well as with experimental data obtained from an experiment with an alongshore uniform bathymetry. Finally, comparison between the new quasi-Eulerian mean equations of motion and other sets of equations which have been employed in recent well-known numerical models is given. It shows that the new quasi-Eulerian mean equations of motion give the best results. The new set of equation is written in term of quasi-Eulerian mean velocity then it is easy to implement to the existing numerical ocean models.


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