Eldon Raj

Senior Lecturer in Resource Recovery Technology


Eldon's research majorly focuses on topics related to the development of biological treatment processes for wastewater and waste-gas treatment, non-point source pollution prevention, resource recovery from waste gases, the use of artificial intelligence tools for environmental monitoring, environmental process control and eco-industrial parks. He has authored two books on Sustainable Heavy Metal Remediation (Vols. 1 and 2, published in 2017) and he currently serves as the managing editor for Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/technology (Springer) and as an associate editor of the Journal of Environmental Engineering (ASCE). He is also the two time recipient of the ‘’Young Scientist Award’’ conferred by the Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering conference organizers in Sydney (Australia) and Kaohsiung (Taiwan), respectively. In 2007, he was awarded the ‘’Juan de la Cierva’’ fellowship by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (Spain). Eldon has also edited special (thematic) issues and volumes in the following journals: Bioresource TechnologyInternational Biodeterioration & BiodegradationASCE-Journal of Environmental Engineering and the Journal of Hazardous Materials. He is a life member at the International Bioprocessing Association (IBA).

Research Summary

Research interests include:

  • Resource recovery from wastewater and waste gases
  • Bioenergy and waste-to-energy processes
  • Development of hybrid and novel bioreactors
  • Air pollution prevention and control technologies
  • Application of artificial intelligence techniques for environmental bioprocesses
  • Industrial resource management and cleaner production



1) Sustainable Heavy Metal Remediation: Vol 1: Principles and Processes


2) Sustainable Heavy Metal Remediation: Vol 2: Case Studies 



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