Emilie Broek

NL IHP-HWRP Committee Secretary


Emilie holds an advanced MSc degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from Leiden University (affiliated with the Clingendael Institute) and an undergraduate degree from Rutgers University. Prior to arriving at IHE Delft, Emilie completed several internships during her studies, including with the UNDP offices in Baku and Brussels, and the International Criminal Court in The Hague. In her current position at IHE Delft, Emilie is responsible for coordinating the Netherlands UNESCO (IHP) - WMO (HWRP) Committee, and establishing a link between the Dutch water sector and the international hydrological programmes. Since arriving at IHE Delft, Emilie has organized several youth-driven initiatives, including a young professionals consultation on the new phase of IHP IX, as well as a 'Game-a-thon' for serious games in the Rhine Basin.


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