Environmental Planning and Implementation

The aim of this course is to provide course participants with up-to-date knowledge regarding conceptual and methodological developments in environmental planning. 

For whom?

The course is aimed at professionals involved in water and environmental resources management. It is especially geared towards individuals confronted with issues and decision-making problems that require a broad view on development and resources utilisation. Those who are seeking exposure to innovative ideas, concepts and approaches in environmental planning will be exposed to knowledge and practice in line with the latest developments.


Affinity with environmental policy planning, implementation and enforcement, development economics, and preferably experience in the water management arena.

Learning objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:
  1. Use policy implementation theories to describe and explain water and environmental planning and implementation processes
  2. Critically assess water and environmental policy implementation and management plans
  3. Explain and critically reflect on the role of policy implementers (people) in the policy process
  4. Apply economic valuation methods for environmental policy planning

Course content

The course includes the following subjects:

  • Concepts and principles of sustainable development
  • Environmental policy analysis
  • Environmental information management
  • Environmental economics
  • Environmental impact assessment

Lectures are used to convey the basic subject matters. A group game is used to increase (practical) understanding of sustainable development and common pool resource use.

Through an essay assignment, participants learn how to develop and present a case in the context of environmental economics. Through a number of group exercises (discussions, poster making) participants are brought together to discuss and develop opinions about articles related to the subject matter. Through a one-day fieldtrip participants get exposure to the practical perspectives of the subject matter.



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