Erick de Jong

Senior Policy Advisor Academic Affairs


Erick de Jong (MA in Educational and Organisational psychology, 1985) is Educational Policy Advisor. He entered IHE Delft in 1993 as Head of the Educational Affairs section. Nowadays, his main responsibilities concern the development and implementation of educational policies and academic quality assurance. He is co-author of various Strategic Plans of the Institute and advices the rectorate and programme committees of IHE Delft on all academic matters.

He has thorough knowledge about of many educational systems used in the world, and the accreditation of education programmes. Mr. De Jong has intensively dealt with the renewal of IHE Delft’s Master programmes and the development of joint programmes with international partners.In the framework of these partnership programmes, Mr. De Jong assists institutes throughout the world in curriculum development, course design, and reviewing didactical concepts. He carries out curriculum development and didactic training programmes for IHE Delft staff as well as for academic staff from partner institutes. These courses focus on curriculum development and didactical skills, and organisational and institutional concepts. These course are organised both at the partner institutes and IHE Delft.


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