Farasat Ali

I recommended the course to many of my friends and one of them is already coming to this unique place. I love Delft.

South Asia
Pakistan South Asia

So far what have been the highlights of your study?
That we are always busy. It is good. I can relax when I go home! The Dutch people are kindly contributing to their government and the Dutch government is making it possible for me to study here so I must be busy; I must not waste this kindness.

Also the lectures, building a report, using new software and advanced IT work, modelling studies, there is so much that interests me. The whole course has been a higlight!

Why did you pick IHE Delft for your studies?
I was working on a South Asia project studying High altitude wetlands. Pakistan was one of the countries involved. I was the coordinator, but I felt there was still much I could not do. So I searched for teaching institutions that might offer me an opportunity to study further, in particular a Masters in wetlands management. Through my search I came across UNESCO IHE. However I was unable to get a scholarship the first year and had to wait until the second before finance was available to me. I am from a poor background and could not finance my own studies.

Do you know what you will be doing after your degree?
I worked for the Regional office for WWF in Pakistan and will return there. We have almost 119 lakes and much flora and fauna there that need managing.

This specific course is split in 3 different countries, did that give it an edge?
Certainly; I studied the tropical assignments in Kenya and then came to Europe spending time in Austria before the Netherlands. It is not only science that is important but also culture and people and it is all of these things that have been so interesting. I have studied the temperate areas of Europe along with the German way of doing things, comparing the efficiency of the Austrian model with my experiences back home, and the Dutch have been so cooperative and made everything so interesting. I have been welcomed and feel like I am at home.

Would you recommend IHE Delft to prospective students?
So varied, almost 300 students from different parts of the world and both the teaching body and the students have been so cooperative towards me. It has been such a new experience and such a rewarding one. I am very happy! I would love to come back for a PHD if I could get a scholarship. I recommended the course to many of my friends and already one is coming to this unique place. I love Delft.

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