Fikadu Fetene Worku

PhD fellow


Integrated Management of Water Resources and Optimal Reservoir Release for Energy, Irrigation and Ecosystem Services. A case Study of the Omo-Ghibe Basin


  • Developing Rainfall-Runoff sediment relationship using SWAT model in Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia (IWMI proceeding publication, 2009)
  • Inventory of Water Storage Types in the Blue Nile and Volta River Basins (IWMI working papers, 2010)

Other information

Summary of research

I am working on integrated water resources management and optimal reservoir release for energy, irrigation and ecosystem service: A case study of Omo-Ghibe basin, Ethiopia. This is to allocate optimum water for all demands in the basin by developing environmental flow in the basin (a unique endorheic basin) as one of major focus and mitigating environmental degradation.

Funding Source: NUFFIC

Employer: Arba Minch University


Name of the Project: NPT/Ethiopia2005





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