Finance in the Water Sector

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Professionals from water-related institutions, such as governmental bodies, NGOs, consultancy firms, academic and research institutions, and water utilities

Dates, Fee, ECTS

Start: 23 April 2019
End: 10 May 2019
ECTS credit points: 5
Deadline IHE application: 22 March 2019 - 23.59 (CET)
Course fee: € 2850

Start: 20 April 2020
End: 08 May 2020
Deadline IHE application: 19 March 2020 - 23.59 (CET)
Course fee: € 2910

VAT is not included in the course fee

Learning objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:
  1. Analyze the financial condition of a given water utility.
  2. Discuss the types of financing available for the water sector.
  3. Recommend an investment / borrowing strategy suited for a given scenario.
  4. Justify the need to balance social and financial objectives related to water provision.


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