Financial Management of Water Organisations

The aim of this course is to prepare participants for positions of leadership in water sector and utility management.

For whom?

Staff from water organisations and other related sector institutions, who are interested in financial management of water related enterprises. Prerequisites are preferably a relevant water science, economics or finance related bachelor degree; Some experience in the water sector; Good command of the English language.


Finance for urban water supply, sewerage and irrigation: types of costs; cost and fixed asset accounting; financial statements -balance sheet and income and expenses statement; profitability and financial ratio analysis; demand assessment; affordability and willingness to pay; direct and contingent valuation; vendors; Economics: supply and demand curves; marginal costing, price and income elasticity; tariffs: average historical costs, long run marginal costing; metering, billing and collection; budgeting, zero and priority based budgeting; asset management plans; sources of finance for capital investment; bond markets; development banks; project finance; retained earnings. Case studies in financial management.



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