Financing Water Investments for Water Professionals

Financing Water Investments for Water Professional will help you understand the many facets of and perspectives on water financing. This new, 4-day course reviews the criteria for ‘bankable’ projects, and introduces the basics of project finance to identify which sources of financing can be used for water infrastructure projects.

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The course is designed for professionals, managers and executives of government agencies or NGOs, who want to acquire a better understanding of the complex world of financing water infrastructure. Participants typically see it as an opportunity to influence and inspire others to bridge the gap between the finance and water sectors to meet the water challenges in their countries.

IHE Delft Diploma Alumni are entitled to 30% discount on the tuition fee.


Professionals with bachelor degree and/or more than 5 years of water related work experience

Dates, Fee, ECTS

Start: 22 February 2021
End: 26 February 2021
Deadline IHE application: 21 January 2021 - 23.59 (CET)
Course fee: € 3500

Start: 06 July 2021
End: 09 July 2021
Deadline IHE application: 05 June 2021 - 23.59 (CET)
Course fee: € 3500

VAT is not included in the course fee

Learning objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:
  1. Understanding how multilateral financial institutions, international funds, private capital markets and institutional investors, and regulators operate and can play a key role in expanding water services and securing water;
  2. Having an operational grip on improving the creditworthiness of a water agency through better governance, risk mitigation, secured liquidity and earnings, and appropriate accounting standards;
  3. Learning how to ensure that specific investments become 'bankable' through better design, safeguards and governance, stronger relationships with stakeholders, and secured income
  4. Gaining an operational insight into the financing instruments and vehicles such as long and short tenure debt, equity, bonds, blended finance and guarantees, and PPP formats;
  5. Having an operational insight into agreement modalities with a consortium of financing partners and the arrangements of legal recourse and contracts.

Course content

The course provides vital understanding of the many facets of, and perspectives on, water financing. Led by experts with decades of experience across the water sector and the World Bank, the course reviews the criteria for ‘bankable’ projects, and introduces the basics of project finance.

Participants will learn how to identify which sources of financing can be used for water (infrastructure) projects, as well as how to explore how partial public finance, risk mitigation instruments and smarter regulation can remove barriers to private investment.

The course explores how partial public finance and risk mitigation instruments can remove barriers for private investors to mobilize finance for water infrastructure. In the course the knowledge gained will be applied to a real-world example. At the end of the course, the participants will engage in a dialogue and share knowledge and experiences with a panel of experts, including financial partners.

Key Lecturers

Expert contributors


Financing Water Investments is organized jointly with the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), a network of 181 internationally oriented Dutch organizations working in the water sector. Its members include private companies, NGOs, governmental organizations and knowledge institutes. The collaboration with NWP links the course to practical programs supporting mobilization of financial resources for water project investments.



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