Frank Jaspers

Associate Professor of Water Resources Management


Frank Jaspers is Associate Professor of Water and Environmental Law IHE Delft Delft.

As Water Resources Management expert he brings in a 20 years overseas experience predominantly in the field of Water Governance, Institutional Development for Water Resources Management and Water Engineering in various European, African countries (Zimbabwe, Sudan, Mauritania) and in Asia (Indonesia).

He has a combined background in Water and Environmental Law as well as in Water Engineering. He is one of IHE Delft’s leading specialists in the development of policies and strategies for the application of IWRM, capacity building and in project formulation and evaluation.

At present Mr. Jaspers is involved in a number of water sector reform processes (Nigeria, Tanzania, Mali, Zimbabwe, Turkey) and international capacity building programmes (Nile Region, Niger Basin, Ethiopia, Turkey, Vietnam) for various clients (World Bank, UNESCO, Embassies, DGIS etc.).

On various occasions he was asked to act as donor representative for the Dutch Government for policy development, and the preparation and evaluation of multi-donor capacity building programmes.


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