Fred Kruis

Advisor Laboratory


Fred Kruis is the Head of the Environmental Laboratory for Education and Research.

He has experience in laboratory training and the establishment and management of environmental laboratories. Since 1991 his experience is also used in teaching abroad where he was frequently involved in several capacity and/or consultancy projects in more than ten different countries.

He has a B.Sc degree in Analytical Chemistry and his specialisation is in the field of Water Quality, groundwater as well as surfacewater and wastewater analysis. Fred Kruis is also advising and guiding Ph.D and M.Sc students of IHE Delft with their laboratory experiments. Since a few years he is involved in the design, construction and on site installation of pilot plants for the removal of pollutants in order to produce good-quality drinking water.

Prior to joining IHE Delft he was employed at the laboratory of the biggest wastewater treatment plant in The Netherlands followed by an employment at the analytical laboratory of a private Dutch engineering company.

Main disciplines

Environmental Chemistry, Water Quality Analysis, Chemical Analysis of water such as nutrients, heavy metals and pesticides, Quality Control in the Laboratory, Water Treatment.


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