Functional Autonomy

IHE Delft contributes to the goals and programme of UNESCO, in that respect it is an integral part, but enjoys functional autonomy to achieve its objectives.

IHE Delft is entirely extra budgetary and as such represents a unique model among UNESCO’s Category 1 institutes. IHE Delft (the Institute) contributes to the goals and programme of UNESCO. It is an integral part, but enjoys functional autonomy to achieve its objectives.

Therefore, the Institute cooperates with the IHE Delft Foundation (the Foundation), which is established under and governed by Dutch law*. Both entities remain separate legal and financial entities, with their own rights and obligations relating to their legal status. They work as one business entity in support of the goals and mission of the Institute.

The Institute is programmatically accountable to UNESCO, and financially and legally accountable to the Foundation. The Foundation is financially liable for all contracts entered into by the Institute.

The Institute is headed by the Rectorate, consisting of a Rector, Vice Rector and Business Director. The Rector and the Vice Rector are UNESCO staff members. The Foundation is a non-profit entity. The Foundation places the building, facilities and all necessary physical and technical equipment, including its maintenance, at the disposal of the Institute. All but two staff members (the Rector and Vice Rector) are currently employed by the Foundation, under Dutch law. The Foundation seconds all non-UN staff to the Institute and thus has all responsibilities of an employer, including but not limited to the costs and responsibilities regarding salaries, health insurance, and pensions.

The Foundation's employment standards are in accordance with the conditions of employment for Dutch Universities.

The IHE Delft MSc degrees are accredited under Dutch law by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flaunders (NVAO), and are as such legally registered at CROHO.

* The Foundation is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) with number 41146484. In addition, it also holds an ANBI (charity) registration.


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