Giorgio Faedo

The WCM specialization provides a strong foundation in relation to the link between technical and social science.

Western Europe
Italy Western Europe

What made you decide to study this particular program?
I have been working for several years with an NGO assisting displaced people and refugees in different countries in Africa and Asia, who were affected by a civil war and conflict. At that time I felt the need to go back to study in order to strengthen the daily field work through research, theory and through academic debates to enable me to have a better understanding of the way people interact at all levels, from local to global level.

Can you say something about studying in Delft/the Netherlands? (Cultural and social experiences)
Studying in a class with people coming from different countries, with different cultures and background experiences is an everyday enrichment. You learn from each other every single day. It is a continuous cultural interchange that makes you grow by learning from others, while learning to respect each other when interact and work in a multicultural team.

What kind of professional background do you need to succeed in this program?
I do think that there is a need of any specific professional background. Of course a political science background could be helpful, but with commitment, application and passion, people coming from a technical background can succed in this program . For instance I am an engineer. For some modules it requires more efforts and applications but it is possible. 

Why should new students/water professional choose this program?
New students should choose this program, because it provides a strong foundation in relation to the link between technical and social science. It is a challenging but fascinating area to study and be involved in. 

Do you have any advice for new students?
If you are a curious person that likes to challenge him/herself by choosing a new area of study/ emerging disciplines then this is the course for you! 


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