Gonzalo Duro

All prior technical studies will provide you with a good background to succeed in this programme.

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What made you decide to study this particular programme?
One of the professors I worked with, who is specialized in river engineering, recommended this programme. He already knew that I was interested in this field, without knowing which university or programme i should choose. Therefore, he gave me more information about this programme and told me that it would be the best option for me.  

Can you say something about studying in Delft/the Netherlands? Cultural and social experiences?
Delft is small city, in which everything is nearby. This is definitely very practical. The Dutch people are usually willing to help you and are able to do that in English. Therefore, Delft is a nice place for international students. 

What kind of professional background do you need to succeed in this programme?
Basic knowledge in hydraulics definitely will help you a lot during this programme. Basically all technical skilled studies provide you a good background to succeed in this programme. 

Why should new students/water professionals choose this programme? 
This programme is right for you if you are interested in assessing in river interventions. You will learn more about river structures. Personally, I think the main strength of this programme is river engineering, which includes river structures, training and rehabilitation. Alongside the programme itself, the Dutch experience is a plus! 

Do you have any advice for new students?
New students should make sure that they speak English on level which enables them to socialize with other international students. And they need to consider that eventually, they will have to write their thesis in English. Furthermore, it's important to be prepared for an intensive course. During these 18 months you will not have a lot of free time because of the quantity of assignments. 

What are you going to do once back home?
 will return to my university and continue my work as lecturer. In addition, since I'm a Rotary funded scholar, I'll be involved in water-related Rotary projects. In those projects I'll be able to apply the knowledge I gained during this HERBD programme 

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