Hector Garcia Hernandez

Associate Professor of Wastewater


Hector Garcia is an Associate Professor of Sanitary Engineering in the Chair Group Sanitary Engineering of the Water Supply, Sanitation, and Environmental Engineering.  Hector has a Master of Science degree in Environmental Water Resources Engineering and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.  Hector's research interests include treatment technologies for the removal of conventional and emerging contaminants from water, wastewater, and sludge sources with an emphasis on both engineered biological treatment processes and membrane systems for water reuse and resource recovery; particularly, Hector's research aimed at serving the research and technical needs of the developing world in the water and wastewater sector.  Hector has supervised many MSc and PhD students in the field of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering.  He has the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) a Dutch Certification for lecturing in universities.

Research Summary

Hector's current research includes: (a) Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)s systems; (b) Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS); (c) Developing sanitation alternatives for the urban poor; (d) Oxygen transfer in wastewater treatment; (e) Modelling wastewater treatment plants; (f) Aerobic granular sludge; (g) Anaerobic membrane bioreactors; and (h) Emerging contaminants removal.

Research Projects currently under execution as follows:

  • Mobile microwave based reactor for on-site fecal sludge treatment for the humanitarian and development WASH sector (Amman, Jordan) - DUPC funded
  • Development of an efficient and sustainable methodology for emerging pollutants removal in wastewater treatment plants in Europe (Spain) - LIFE Programme 
  • Strengthening the Cuban food production and aquacultures sector through resources optimization and recovery (Cuba) - EuropeAid 


Selection of peer reviewed journal papers

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