Henry Daniel Amorocho Daza

PhD candidate


Henry Amorocho-Daza is PhD Candidate at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education and Delft University of Technology. His research interests include the application of quantitative methods (e.g. multi-criteria analysis, systems dynamics and statistical analyses) for improving decision and policy making in complex environment related settings. Henry’s research is currently focused on Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) policy evaluation in transboundary river basins. He also has professional experience in development projects and organizational strategy in both NGO and public sectors. Henry has a BSc in Industrial and Environmental Engineering from Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) and an MSc (Hons.) in Water Management and Governance from IHE Delft. 


Stochastic System Dynamics Modelling approach to strengthen Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus policy integration and evaluation in transboundary river basins

Research Summary

There is growing interest in understanding the complex relations and interdependencies between the water, energy, food and ecosystems (WEFE) systems as being central to human activities on earth. WEFE systems sustainability is being compromised by anthropogenic pressures such as rapid demographic growth, climate change and environmental deterioration. New policies are required to address the need for a more integrative planning focused on WEFE systems sustainability. Complexity science tools such as System Dynamics Modelling (SDM) are helpful to understand complex systems’ unanticipated emerging behaviours using a simulation approach. This research will focus on WEFE systems’ modelling, validation and policy evaluation using SDM approach. Novel applications such as stochastic SDM and its integration with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for policy evaluation will also be studied. Framed in NEXOGENESIS project (nexogenesis.eu), the research rely on 5 transboundary river basins case studies in Europe and Southern Africa were WEFE policy evaluation will be assessed. 

Research interests: (1) System dynamics modelling, multi-criteria decision analysis and stochastic approaches applied to water resources planning. (2) Statistical approaches to explore the Water-Human Development relation. 


Peer-review journals
- Amorocho-Daza, H., Cabrales, S., Santos, R., & Saldarriaga, J. (2019). A New Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Methodology for the Selection of New Water Supply Infrastructure. Water, 11(4), 805. http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/w11040805
- Amorocho-Daza, H., van der Zaag, P., & Susnik, J. (2022*). Access to water-related services strongly modulates human development. *Currently under review.
Conference papers
- Amorocho-Daza, H., van der Zaag, P., & Susnik, J. (2022). A statistical model to quantify the water-human development relation. 7th Young Water Professionals BeNeLux Conference (Delft, The Netherlands)
- Amorocho-Daza, H., Barrera, J., Celeita, D., Cotes, N., Montes, C., Iglesias, P., & Martinez, J. (2016). Optimal sizing of storage tanks with and without hydraulic control. XXVII Latin American Hydraulics Congress (Lima, Peru).


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