Hermen Smit MSc

Lecturer/Researcher in River Basin Governance


Hermen is a lecturer in river basin governance at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. He lectures in the Research Methodology, Water Resources Systems and Institutional Analysis modules and is a thesis advisor in the Water Management programme. His research examines the intersection of hydrology, engineering and politics to understand the spatial and temporal dynamics of water flows in the Nile Basin.

Educated as a water engineer at Delft University of Technology (M.Sc. 2003 - hons), Hermen worked for four years as a consultant on hydrology, irrigation and drainage in the Netherlands and Bangladesh, where he got intrigued by the continuous reshaping of water technologies such as canals and irrigation works during design, construction and use.

After completing a Master's degree in Environment and Resource Management at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, Hermen joined IHE Delft in 2008.  Since then Hermen has worked on several projects on integrated water management, remote sensing and water governance on the Nile. At present Hermen is leading a project in which IHE Delft works with 8 Ethiopian Universities, the International Water Mangement Institute, Wageningen University, MetaMeta and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on making higher education on Irrigation and Drainage in Ethiopia more practically oriented.  

Hermen is also working on his dissertation with the provisional title "Shaping the Eastern Nile - Unraveling material and discursive practices of River Basin Development". The dissertation provides insights into how practices of water operation, calculation and regulation shape and are shaped by the water and sediment flows of the Eastern Nile Basin.


Shaping the Blue Nile basin - water flow dynamics and manipulations between the Ethiopian highlands and the Gezira Irrigation scheme in Sudan


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