Hermen Smit PhD

Senior Lecturer/Researcher in Water Governance


Hermen Smit is senior project leader and lecturer/ researcher in Water Governance. He has more than 10 years experience in the management of water related projects with water users, businesses, societal organisations, operators, policy makers and politicians. His strength is to bring together different parties with different interests, without losing focus on more just and sustainable water management.  

Currently Hermen is leading the Sudan Water Sector Capacity Strenghtening Programme with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in Sudan. Setting up an intergrated and user-focused approach to water management in the ministry (7000 employees) is key in this programme, which will contribute to a more sustainable management of Nile Waters. The programme has sub-projects about: a) user oriented and efficient management of irrigation schemes, b. improving user participation for sustainability of water harvesting projects and c. optimization of dam operations.

At IHE Delft Hermen teaches in the following courses of the MSc programme of Water Management and governance:

  • “Who and what make Water Management and Governance Expertise?”
  • Water Governance
  • Analysing Water Use Practices
  • Advisor in MSc thesis projects


Research Summary

Hermen’s current research focuses on emancipating 'water awareness' agendas. He does so by analysing how we can learn from succesful water development projects in which water users and societal organisations played a big role from the outset.

Hermen’s insights from his recent research project 'Making Water Security' (see below) are currently being used for irrigation reforms in Sudan.


Smit, Hermen (2019) Making Water Security: A Morphological Account of Nile River Development. Leiden: CRC Press/Balkema 





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