Hesham Elmilady

PhD candidate


Hesham Elmilady was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt in 1990. He obtained his bachelor degree of science in civil engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt in 2012. Following that, he started working as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University. In 2014, he moved to Delft, the Netherlands to start his MSc studies at the IHE Delft. His master thesis focused on investigating the impact of salinity stratification and gravitational circulation on the sediment dynamics in the Northern San Francisco Bay, California using the Delft3D model. In 2016, he obtained his masters with distinction. Following that, he started his PhD which is funded by the USGS and Deltares.

Research Summary

His research focuses on accessing the impact of sea level rise on the long-term morphodynamic development of estuaries with the focus upon intertidal area. This includes the application of the Delft3D process-based model to perform morphological hindcasts and forecasts on a centennial time-scale. Two case studies are investigated, San Francisco Bay (USA) and Western Scheldt (The Netherlands).

Currently, he is a PhD researcher in the Coastal Engineering Group of IHE Delft and an Intern at Deltares. His research interests include long-term estuarine hydrodynamic and morphological modeling (Delft3D), morphological evolution of estuarine channel-shoal systems, sea level rise impact on intertidal area, the effect of wind-generated waves on the estuarine morphological development and density currents & gravitational circulation.


Elmilady, H., van der Wegen, M., Roelvink, D., & van Kessel, T.  (2016). 3D sediment dynamics in an estuarine strait, (MSc thesis). IHE Delft, Netherlands.

Elmilady, H., van der Wegen, M., Roelvink, D., & Jaffe, B. E. (2019). Intertidal area disappears under sea level rise: 250 years of morphodynamic modeling in San Pablo Bay, California. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 124, 38–59. https://doi.org/10.1029/2018JF004857

Elmilady, H., van der Wegen, M., Roelvink, D., & van der Spek, A.  (2019). Sea level rise on the long-term morphological evolution of intertidal estuarine sandy shoals: a small scale modeling setup. In prep.


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