Hydroinformatics Research and Capacity Development Projects


Some of the research projects we were and are involved in are listed below:

  • EU-FP7 project WeSenseIt, Citizens' Observatory of Water
  • EU-FP7 project ICEWater, ICT Solutions for efficient Water Resources Management
  • EU-FP7 project KULTURisk, Knowledge-based approach to develop a culture of risk prevention
  • EU-FP7 project LENVIS, Localised environmental and health information services
  • EU-FP7 project EnviroGRIDS, Gridded Earth Observation System for Assessing and Predicting Black Sea Basin Sustainability and Vulnerability
  • EU-FP7 project: AQUAREHAB ‘Development of rehabilitation technologies for multipressured degraded waters and the integration of their impact in river basin management’
  • EU-FP7 project WETwin, Enhancing the role of wetlands in integrated water resources management for twinned river basins in EU, Africa and South-America in support of EU Water Initiatives
  • UPaRF project: ACCION, Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts on the Nile River Basin
  • UPaRF project: ECOLIVE (Internal Research Fund project), The ecology of livelihoods in East-African Wetlands: Wetland Conservation and Utilization in the Context of local and global change
  • DSS-Romania, Flood Forecasting and management in Romania: Feasibility study and market analysis of an operational Decision Support System
  • EU-FP6 project FLOODsite - Integrated Flood Risk Analysis and Management Methodologies
  • EU TELEFLEUR: Telematics assisted handling of flood emergencies in urban areas
  • EU ELTRAMOS: Electronic trading of modelling services and assets for engineering SMEs and institutes
  • EU ETNET 21 Environment-Water - European Thematic Network of Education and Training for Environment-Water
  • EU OSIRIS - Operational Solutions for the Management of Inundation Risks in the Information Society
  • Application of neural netwroks and fuzzy logic for water management
  • Data mining, knowledge discovery and data-driven modelling, with applications in civil engineering
  • Artificial neural network modelling of sedimentation processes in Rotterdam harbour
  • Use of artificial neural network classifiers for identification of soil types based on cone penetration tests
  • Artificial neural networks in daily forecasting of river discharges
  • Chaos theory and neural networks in predicting surge water levels in the North Sea for navigation
  • Using evolutionary and other approaches in optimization of water resources and model calibration
  • Text mining for document management
  • Knowledge mapping in educational and engineering organizations

The Hydroinformatics chair group is active in presenting research results at conferences and publishing in peer-reviewed journals. We are open to various forms of cooperation in research. In case of questions and/or suggestions please contact: Prof. Dimitri Solomatine at d.solomatine@un-ihe.org


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