Industrial Effluents Treatment and Residuals Management

This course includes lectures and number of case studies. It also entails a one-day fieldtrip to selected industry where best management practice in pollution prevention, wastewater and sludge treatment can be seen.

For whom?

Mid-career professionals dealing with the technical,environmental and management aspects pertaining to industrial pollution control, wastewater treatment, residuals/waste minimization, disposal and reuse etc.


MSc programme entry requirements

Learning objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:
  1. Define and implement cleaner production activities, industrial water management strategies for pollution and toxicity prevention
  2. Define the most commonly applied wastewater treatment technologies and explain their most suitable industrial waste treatment applications as well as their advantages and disadvantages
  3. Select the most appropriate treatment technology and design a wastewater treatment train (sequence of treatment processes) to treat an industrial effluent stream for a selected industry
  4. Define and describe sludge handle and sludge treatment and explain the needs for sludge handle and treatment activities in the context of industrial wastewater treatment
  5. Design sludge thickeners and anaerobic sludge digesters and describe sludge drying and incineration processes
  6. Recognize wastewater treatment technologies applied to industrial waste treatment and analyze industrial waste schemes from case studies presented from a diverse range of industries
  7. Integrate cleaner production, industrial water management, wastewater treatment processes, and sludge handling and disposal in the design of an industrial waste treatment process for a selected industry

Course content

´╗┐Principles of Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC), 3R principle, 3 step approach, characterization of industrial wastewater, flow and load, toxicity, bio-tretability, pre-treatment vs direct discharge into sewer, basics of chemical-physical-biological processes for industrial effluent treatment, technology selection, industrial sludge management, domestic sludge management, faecal sludge management, sludge generation and origin, sludge characterization, options for sludge treatment, disposal and reuse, case studies from different industries, fieldtrip.


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