Industrial Resource Management and Cleaner Production

The short course introduces the concept of Cleaner Production in the context of the water cycle in general and water management in particular. The course focuses on the careful use of the resource water and brings in various tools that can aid in saving water.

For whom?

Participants should possess a BSc degree in an area relate environmental engineering and science, microbiology, chemical engineering, chemistry, public health, etc. Professional experience in the water field helps to fully grasp the significance of the back-ground thinking relayed in the module and of the practical benefits of some of the concepts presented. A good command of the English language is required.

Course content

  • What is Cleaner Production, why is it needed, what are the benefits, and what does it mean in practice?
  • After this introduction, tools are discussed that can help in analysing and improving the environmental status, such as Life Cycle Analysis and Eco-design. The importance of proper environmental management is brought in and how these systems can be set up. ISO and ISO certification is mentioned.
  • Specific attention is devoted to industrial water management in which both the raw water, the in-process water and the water leaving a process or set of processes are looked at from the point of few of optimised usage.
  • The short course includes a fieldtrip to a site where Cleaner Production has been practiced on a water issue.


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