Water Diplomacy Consortium

International Conference: Water Security and Peace

Western Europe
Peace Palace, The Hague

On 14-15 November 2013, the Water Diplomacy Consortium (WDC) will organize a high level international working conference on Water Security and Peace.

Event objectives

The conference will present and discuss the role of negotiation, mediation and conciliation in evidence-based cases of water diplomacy. Experts from international, national and sub-national level will present perspectives and solutions focused on:

  • creating a better understanding water diplomacy capabilities, particularly among water resource specialists and diplomats
  • initiating an international hub of experts to better resolve water related conflicts
  • formulating an agenda on water diplomacy capability development

Participants will include relevant water experts, water diplomats and policy makers as well as political leaders in dealing with water-related disputes, from different levels and different organizations (governments, international organizations, NGOs), and leading scientists from various disciplines.

A publication of outcomes and recommendations will conclude the conference's findings, and will be presented after the conference. 

Water Diplomacy Consortium

The WDC is a joint partnership with The Hague Institute for Global Justice, Clingendael Netherlands Institute of International Relations, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, UPEACE Centre The Hague, and the Water Governance Centre. It is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.



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