Design for transformative change: evidence, agency, cross-disciplinary knowledge

International Delta Conference: Redesigning Deltas

Western Europe
Delft, The Netherlands

Surrounded by the threat of rising sea levels and aging infrastructures, our deltas today are steeped in unprecedented challenges. While they have evoked a flurry of short-term solutions, they have failed to inspire the collective and sustainable pathways necessary to reimagine and safeguard their future.

To map the current stressors and identify innovative and viable pathways, the Redesigning Delta Conference will bring together a global community of academics, practitioners and policy makers and carve a space for creative exploration using interdisciplinary design-based approaches.

The three-day conference includes presentations from leading scientists, designers and policy makers who will share practical examples from different internationals deltas.  In addition, participants can attend a design exhibition called ‘Delta Project: (trans)formations— translations’. 
Day 1: The Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Mark Harbers, will open the conference at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam and set the stage for several keynote speakers. The speeches will be followed by high level roundtable sessions to gather scientific perspectives before diving into design-based approaches. 
Day 2: Held at TU Delft, the second conference day will dive into the themes of design-thinking, agency and critical representation. In addition, the day features a cross-boundary exchange on nine deltaic landscapes and a closing session in which next steps will be discussed.
Day 3: Guided site visits to Rotterdam, Dordrecht and Nijmegen.

Organizers & Participation 
The conference is organised by the Delta Urbanism Interdisciplinary Research Programme—Redesigning Deltas, at Delft University of Technology and co-hosted by Convergence Alliance-Resilient Delta, The City of Rotterdam, Deltares, IHE Delft, The Delta Alliance, Wageningen University & Research, the Delta commissioner and the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. 

The in-person participation is reserved for invitees; however, the conference will be streamed online. To receive the link for the livestream, please register here.  Additional information can be found here.

The conference aims to build a global delta community and outline a shared knowledge and dissemination strategy.


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