Jaap Evers

Senior Lecturer in Water and Environmental Policy


Jaap Evers works at IHE Delft since 2012. Starting of as lecturer in River Basin Governance, he currently has the position of Senior lecturer in Water and Environmental Policy as a member of the Water Governance department. His main research interests revolve around the departments research line Policy and Organizations. Jaap's research interests revolve around policy implementation, and more specifically policy mobility, policy learning,  policy -implementation- practices, and implementation feasibility in planning in the water sector. In IHE Delft's MSc Water and Sustainalbe development , Jaap is involved in courses on Strategic planning and futuring (coordinator), Finance and implementation, and Water Policy (short course - coordinator). During this time he was involved in the (re-)development of the course Environmental Planning and Implementation, Water and Environmental Policy Analysis, Strategic plannign for river basins and deltas, Environmental assessment for water related policies and development.

Since 2020 Jaap is Programme coordinator of the MSc Environmental Science and in from 2016 till 2021 he acted as secretary of the IHE Work's Council.

Research Summary

Jaap was involved in the research project Strengthening strategic delta planning processes in Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Vietnam and beyond, in which he supervised a PhD on the traveling of the Dutch delta approach and co-developed the Strategy Lab.

Currently Jaap is involved in the POLKA and Transpath projects (supported by the IHE Delft Partnership Programme for Water and Development).


Recent publications

Evers, J., Douven, W., Van der Stroom, J., Hasan, S., Seijger, C., & Phi, H. (2019). A framework to assess the performance of participatory planning tools for strategic delta planning. Journal of Environmental PLanning and Management, 62(9), 1636-1653.

Evers, J., & Pathirana, A. (2018). Adaptation to climate change in the Mekong River Basin: introduction to the special issue. Climatic Change, 149(1), 1-11. doi:10.1007/s10584-018-2242-y

Hasan, S., Evers, J., Verzijl, A., & Zwarteveen, M. (2021). Deltas in dialogue: Imagining policy transfer from the Netherlands to Vietnam and Bangladesh as a symmetrical conversation. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water, e1559.

Hasan, S., Evers, J., Zegwaard, A., & Zwarteveen, M. (2019). Making waves in the Mekong Delta: recognizing the work and the actors behind the transfer of Dutch Delta planning expertise. Journal of Environmental PLanning and Management, 1-20.

Hasan, S., Evers, J., & Zwarteveen, M. (2020). The transfer of Dutch Delta Planning expertise to Bangladesh: A process of policy translation. Environmental Science & Policy, 104, 161-173.

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Sadik, M. S., Hermans, L. M., Evers, J., Nguyen, H. Q., Khan, M. F. A., & Ahmed, S. (2021). Assessing the societal adoptability of participatory water management: an application of the Motivation and Ability (MOTA) framework. Water Policy. doi:10.2166/wp.2021.255

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Other publications

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