Jongchan Kim

PhD candidate


Thanks to the financial support from K-water (Korea Water Resources Corporation), Jongchan Kim has been doing his PhD research at the hydroinformatics laboratory of IHE Delft Institute for Water Education since December 2019. He is also affiliated with the Water Management department of TU Delft (Delft University of Technology) on a joint degree programme.

Before joining IHE Delft as a PhD fellow, he had worked since 2005 for K-water, which is a governmental corporation of South Korea in charge of water resources management such as operating multi-purpose dams and multi-regional water supply facilities. He has built careers in the water sector through hydrologic investigation, multi-purpose reservoir operations, evaluation of water-related technologies, etc.

Research Summary

Modeling for Improving Water Environment coupled with Optimal Reservoir Operations of Upper Nakdong River Basin, South Korea

Water quality degradation such as the algal blooms of rivers has been a problem nowadays in South Korea. As part of a solution to this problem, his PhD study concentrates on developing the water quality model, which predicts the occurrence of harmful algal blooms, linking with the optimal reservoir operations. It can satisfy the demand on water quantity and quality of downstream rivers at the same time, unlike the conventional one which has focused only on meeting the water quantity demand.
Methodologically, the operations of the Andong Dam and the Imha Dam at the upper Nakdong River basin are considered. Based on scenarios of these reservoir operations, the water quality model can be built by combining the outcome achieved by a physically-based model with a data-driven model.
The research findings will provide the improving aquatic environment of rivers, especially by preventing the occurrence of algal blooms. Additionally, the social cost of producing drinking water will be reduced since the water quality of rivers can improve.



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