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Dr Ir. Juliette Cortes happily joined the Flood Resilience chair group in the Coastal and Urban Risk & Resilience department from December 1st, 2020.

Juliette Cortes has nine years of experience supporting participatory initiatives aiming at a more proactive and integrated water-related hazard management. She received her Civil Engineering degree at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, in 2005. Before coming to Europe, Juliette worked for about four years preparing engineering proposals for public and private sectors. She was also field engineer for the construction of riverbank protections at critical locations along main national highways. In that role, she attended a flood emergency in La Mojana, Magdalena (Colombia), with local communities' support as first responders.

Juliette is part of the IHE family since her MSc degree in Hydroinformatics, in 2011. She further obtained her PhD at TUDelft in 2016. Her PhD dissertation was on the "Use of volunteer's information in the early inspection and maintenance of protective structures in mountain catchments". Lately, she worked as a post-doc at the University of Twente from 2015 to 2020 coordinating knowledge management and science communication efforts of RiverCare (www.rivercare.nl), a Dutch river research project following up the Room for the river initiative. She continued her work part-time at the TUDelft over the last year on the also Dutch research program for dike reinforcements, All-Risk (www.all-risk-program.nl). Juliette's appointment at IHE-Delft is initially for three-days a week while still woking two-days a week at the University of Twente and TU Delft.

Research Summary

Juliette Cortes is a lecturer in Community and Social Resilience to Floods. Her research interests are on how to better facilitate knowledge exchange initiatives between research, practice and local communities. Thereby, she applies multi-criteria decision support methods and designs website applications to assist communication, collaborative monitoring, modelling and decision-making. For DIANE-CM (an IHE-Deflt project), she co-designed on her MSc studies a website that included an online ranking exercise of flood risk management alternative. For her PhD research for the CHANGES project, she designed a prototype web-GIS application to help technicians evaluate volunteers' screening reports for the early maintenance of protective structures in mountain catchments in Italy. For RiverCare and All-Risk, she facilitates research to practice via project websites that are part of the Netherlands Center for River studies. She further proposed storylines for practice as a visual storytelling approach via online story maps to increase practitioners’ engagement of with the research. Now at IHE, she will assist the SHELTER project and the IHE's capacity development activities on the Graduate Professional Diploma programme in Humanitarian WASH in the module for building resilient systems.


Juliette's up-to-date list of publications is available in Google Scholar.


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