Juma Mdeke

IHE Delft offers the best academic education and has a nice environment to broaden your network and meet people from different places in the world.

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Juma Mdeke is from The United Republic of Tanzania. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in Morogoro, Tanzania.

After graduating, Juma worked with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives (now Ministry of Agriculture livestock and Fisheries) in Tanzania. Before starting his Bachelor degree in Agricultural Engineering, he worked as a Laboratory Technician as well as Quality Control Technician in various companies. He recognized that his work did not have much impact on society and the outside world, and therefore Juma decided to study further at IHE Delft.

Juma has been passionate about water since his childhood. Agriculture is everything for Juma: improving agricultural production creates better living standards for individuals as well as the society.   ‘’Agriculture is the backbone of Tanzania’s economy and the sector employs more than 75% of the population”. However, there is a lack of expertise in the field of hydraulics land and water technologies for agriculture production, a knowledge gap concerning land and water development for food security and a lack of technology transfer from expertise to the grass roots level. It is therefore of great importance to have more professionals and expertise in this field in order to improve the situation in Tanzania. All these factors were the key catalysts for Juma to specialize more in this field.

The main goal of Juma is to acquire adequate knowledge and skills in water science and engineering so that he can contribute to his home country and the world in general, to make the world a better planet on which to live. Water is everything, water is life.”

In 2016, Juma decided to continue his studies and chose IHE Delft, to pursue an MSc in Water Science and Engineering, Hydraulics Engineering Land and Water Development for Food Security. Juma is enjoying his stay at the Institute. Juma: ‘’IHE Delft offers the best academic education and has a nice environment to broaden your network and meet people from different places in the world”.  

The teaching style at IHE Delft is great. Lecturers listen to you and give good instructions. You can ask questions at any point in the class and no questions are considered stupid. Lecturers also emphasize that it is not only about passing exams but also about real world problems, the ability to coordinate, work with multidisciplinary teams and be part of finding sustainable solutions.

Juma also admires Delft and its beautiful architecture, ”it is an ancient city which everybody should visit”, he says. Juma promises to go back to his country Tanzania and utilise the knowledge and skills he has obtained during his Master’s studies in his country, as well as in other parts of the world. He also aims to study further: his ambition is to do a PhD in the future and become more professional in the field of Land and Water development.

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