Knowledge sharing and planning workshop on Water Integrity

Western Europe
Delft, The Netherlands

On 19 and 20 February UNESCO-IHE hosts a Knowledge Sharing and Planning workshop on water integrity. The workshop is organised by the Water Integrity Network (WIN) together with Union of Water Boards (UvW) and the Water Governance Centre (WGC), Deltares, UNESCO-IHE, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre and Vitens-Evides International (VEI). Water sector stakeholders from Ethiopia, Mozambique, Bangladesh, Benin, and the Netherlands as well as a small group of resource persons from other international initiatives in the field of governance and integrity will attend the workshop. The participant group of around 40 persons will share knowledge and experiences and identify opportunities for (joint) action. MetaMeta's director Frank van Steenbergen will be the lead facilitator of the workshop.

Mainstreaming water integrity

The workshop has a practical character and focuses on mainstreaming water integrity in current projects and programmes. Participants will explore existing tools to diagnose and improve water integrity and identify opportunities for applying them in different situations. The workshop also aims to lay the foundation for a water integrity platform to enable water sector stakeholders to exchange knowledge and experiences on a structural basis. International resource persons such as Aziza Akhmouch (Head Water Governance Programme OECD) will participate to connect the workshop to international processes such as the OECD Water Governance Initiative.

Building on momentum

The workshop builds on the momentum and the outputs of the Water Integrity Forum, also hosted by UNESCO-IHE in June 2013. The Delft Statement that was released at this Forum has been integrated into international events such as the Stockholm Water Week and Budapest Summit and will feed into global processes such as the post-2015 development agenda and the 7th World Water Forum.

Other water integrity related initiatives at UNESCO-IHE are the MSc introduction course last fall and a refresher course for alumni in Indonesia this summer. More information about this course will be available in March. Please contact Jaap Evers for further information.


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