Laura Kwak BA

Corporate Communications Advisor


As the Corporate Communications Advisor, Laura Kwak is part of IHE Delft's Communication Office.

Laura is in charge of IHE Delft’s corporate collateral and internal communication, leading the production of UPDATE magazine, the Annual Report and monthly internal interUPDATE newsletter. She also manages the Institute's corporate social media platforms, communicating IHE Delft's impact on the world, as well as corporate partnerships and interests, to a constantly increasing audience. In order to remain updated on what goes on at the Institute, she sits in on the Academic Board and Operational Management Group meetings as an observer.

She organizes corporate events including the annually recurring International Women's Day conference, internal World Water Day celebrations, the Water Sector Market and the Institute's opening of the historical OD 95 building during the International Heritage Days. She led the production of the Institute's new corporate film.

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