Leon Hermans

Associate Professor of Environmental Planning and Management


Leon Hermans is Head of the Land and Water Management Department at IHE Delft, with responsibility for the department’s integral management and academic leadership. As Associate Professor of Environmental Planning and Management, Leon is also responsible for  the Specialization of Environmental Planning and Management within the IHE MSc programme on Environmental Science.

Leon Hermans combines work at IHE Delft with a part-time appointment as Associate Professor at TU Delft's Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management. Prior to joining IHE Delft, Leon worked fulltime at TU Delft, where he also obtained his PhD degree in policy analysis, and at FAO at its headquarters in Rome, Italy.

Research Summary

The research of Leon focuses on methods for the (participatory) analysis of actor interactions, using so-called actor and strategy models, and monitoring and evaluation to support adaptive management, water governance and delta planning.

Currently, Leon is (co-)leading projects in the Netherlands, Bangladesh, India and Vietnam, funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), the Transformations-2-Sustainability programme of NORFACE/Belmont Forum and DUPC.

Leon co-authored textbooks on Actor and Strategy Models (Wiley, 2018) and on Policy Analysis of Multi-Actor Systems (TU Delft Open / Eleven, 2022).


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