Leonardo Alfonso Segura PhD

Senior Lecturer/Researcher in Hydroinformatics


Leonardo Alfonso is a Civil Engineer of the National University of Colombia and currently holds the position of Senior Lecturer in Hydroinformatics at IHE Delft and is currently acting as the Specialisation Coordinator of the Master in Water Science and Engineering specialisation Hydroinformatics. He has a combined consultancy and research experience in water modelling. He holds an MSc degree in Water Science and Engineering, specialisation Hydroinformatics at UNESCO-IHE Delft and a PhD degree from Delft University of Technology and UNESCO-IHE.

Leonardo has participated in a number of European-funded research projects under the Seventh Framework Programme. He is currently involved in H2020 GroundTruth and the recently acquired H2020 NAIADES project. He has also participated in several capacity-building activities in Kenya, Rwanda and Myanmar and in Colombia, for which he is Country Coordinator and member of the Academic Research Partnership Colombia - The Netherlands. He holds the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) certificate. His teaching activities include topics of ICT, Operational Water Management, Software for model integration, Matlab, Python and ArcGIS. He is member of the SENSE Research School.

Research Interests

Dr. Alfonso's research interests are aligned with the three Hydroinformatics Chair research lines: 

Data, modelling, uncertainty and risk

  • Use of mobile and smartphone technologies for data collection (citizen observatories): complementing in-situ data with dinamic, intermittent, heterogeneous data coming from citizen observations.
  • Design and evaluation of (dynamic) monitoring networks.

Systems engineering, optimization and integration

  • Multi-objective model-based optimisation of water systems, including design and operation of urban and rural water systems.

Collaborative decision making and Internet-based computing and learning

  • Decision making under uncertainty: incorporating decision-maker's beliefs in water-related risks decisions using Value of Information and Prospect Theory concepts.

Teaching Experience

Leonardo has several years of teaching experience that combines well with his practical experience in the field. He completed a pedagogical training on University Teaching Qualification by Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). He has supervised a number of MSc students and PhD students on diverse water-related topics. His main teaching tasks include Information and Communication Technology, Real-time Control of Water Systems, Software for model integration and Matlab. To date, he has supervised MSc 23 and co-supervised 4 PhD students.

Main Activities

  • Initiator of international multidisciplinary research EC FP7 project WeSenseIt (14 partners from 7 countries) on developing a citizen observatory of water
  • Involved in the H2020 Citizen Observatories project GroundTruth2.0 (led by IHE Delft)
  • Currently participanting in EU-FP7 Waternomics project and Mau Mara Serengueti (MaMaSe) project.
  • Currently involved in Colombian water and capacity building projects, including the Colombia-Netherlands Academic Research Partnership.
  • Participating in DUPC2 projects KidronNar, Evidence4Policy and Multistor.

Honors & Awards

2004 Watermill project fellowship, Dutch Government


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