Lina Gabriela Terrazas Villarroel

PhD candidate


Lina Terrazas earned a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from the University of San Simon in Bolivia and an MSc degree in Water Resources Engineering from KU Leuven and VU Brussels in Belgium. Her work experience includes fieldwork as site and supervisor engineer, lecturer, and researcher at academic institutions.

The main areas of her work are simulation of hydrological and hydraulic processes, climate change analysis, assessment of water balance focused on scenario evaluation and decision making. Her main interests are the integration of ecological and social aspects in water modeling, analysis of complex physical processes, improvement of existing environmental policies, and generation of social awareness about the importance of environmental protection in sustainable development.

Research Summary

Her research focuses on building knowledge about the relationships between river flow and aquatic ecosystems in Bolivia, where the planning and implementation of particular infrastructure projects have led to social conflicts and ecosystem damage, revealing the weaknesses of the existing environmental protection mechanisms.


Terrazas, L., Forni, L., Escobar, M., 2020. Integrating equality in the evaluation of water access for irrigation in an Andean community. AquaLAC.

Terrazas, L., Willems, P., Villazon, M., 2016. Extension and evaluation of a lumped hydrologic model implemented in Bolivian Subandean. Presented at the IAHR APIHA XXVII Hydraulics Latin American Congress, Lima, Peru.

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  • Organization for Women and Science for the Developing World – OSWD
  • Chicas Waskiris


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