Luke Somerwill

Junior Researcher on Social Innovation


Luke works in the Knowledge and Innovations Studies team at IHE Delft. Since joining IHE in 2020, he has worked on a variety of topics, inclusing social innovation and stakeholder engagement in the AfriAlliance project, citizen science and impact assessment within the MICS project, and community activation in CAPP Zambia. He is also Project Manager of the Youth for the Rhine project.

Before joining IHE Delft, he worked in NGOs, supporting network engagement as part of the International Water Association, and data managment and research at ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability. 

Luke has a background in psychology (with a focus on environmental psychology), public policy and human development.


Somerwill, L., & Wehn, U. (2022). How to measure the impact of citizen science on environmental attitudes, behaviour and knowledge? A review of state-of-the-art approaches. Environmental Sciences Europe34(1), 1-29.

Onema, J. M. K., Chibarabada, T., Wehn, U., Somerwill, L., Karoui, H., Sossou, S. K., ... & Genthe, B. (2022). Fostering uptake of innovations and solutions for water and climate challenges in Africa: Lessons from the AfriAlliance Knowledge Brokerage Events. Environmental Science & Policy128, 310-316.


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