Mamoun Althuluth PhD, MSc

Postdoc Researcher


Mamoun is an experienced researcher with excellent academic records and demonstrated research experience in separation processes (solvent extraction, adsorption, and absorption) and water purification. In June 2007, he got his BSc degree in Chemical Engineering, his graduation project titled “Preparation of Activated Carbon and its Application in Textile Wastewater Treatment”. After graduation he joined UNESCO-IHE institute for water education at The Netherlands. He got his Master degree with distinction in Water Supply Engineering in 2009. His MSc thesis titled “Development of Particulate/ Colloidal Fouling Indicators in sea water RO” under the supervision Prof. Maria Kennedy. After that he moved to United Arab Emirates and joined the Petroleum Institute (PI), Abu Dhabi. He was appointed as a research/ teaching assistant in Chemical Engineering Department. In 2010, he was funded by the Gas Research Center at PI to start a PhD project in Delft University of Technology and continued at Eindhoven University of Technology. In late 2014, he got his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. He his thesis titled “Natural Gas Sweetening Using Ionic Liquids”. In 2015, he joined the petroleum institute as research associate in Chemical Engineering Department. In beginning of 2016, he joined the Near East University, Cyprus as instructor in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department. Recently, he joined the institute as Post-Doc researcher in the Department of Environmental Engineering & Water Technology under the COFUND Programme. 


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