Managing Water Organisations

This short courses prepares participants for positions of leadership in water sector and utility management, providing the essential elements within the field of organisational and change management.

For whom?

Young and mid-career professionals with an interest in strategic and operational management and governance of water organizations.


Preferably experience in the water sector. A bachelors degree or equivalent. Basic PC-computer knowledge. Good command of English language.

Learning objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:
  1. Relate academic debates concerning water management and water supply and sanitation provisioning to the management of water organizations
  2. Explain the position and strategy of a water organization in relation to its institutional environment
  3. Diagnose challenges for a water organization in relation to its context and develop strategic plans accordingly, including the management of change

Course content

The syllabus covers topics such as: Organisational perspectives; organisations and institutions, institutional analysis; organisational behaviour, organisational structure, the behaviour of people in organisations and the behaviour of organisation. Understanding change; concepts of change, models of change, drivers for change, categories of change (including tactical and strategic), barriers / resistance, managing the process of change. Human resources management, organisational culture, leadership and management style, teamwork, influencing, change and stress. Systems for change, total quality management, management information systems.



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