Marloes Mul

Senior Lecturer in Water Resources Management


Marloes specializes in hydrology and water resources management, and joined IHE Delft in October 2018. She is currently managing the Water Accounting and Water Productivity team within IHE Delft. Next to her activities for this team, she is involved in the EU-funded EUROFLOW project, supervising a PhD student on “Improved reservoir operating policies for implementation of environmental flows”.

Before joining IHE-Delft, Marloes was based in the West Africa Office of IWMI in Accra, Ghana. Here she worked on research projects dealing with dam operation, and natural and built infrastructure in the West Africa region and particularly the Volta Basin. Another key research area focussed on how water storage at different scales can contribute towards climate-resilient agricultural farming systems, through assessing climate change projections and assessing how storage options, including aquifer storage and recovery, can contribute towards more reliable water supply for agriculture.

Before joining IWMI in 2013, she worked at UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, in Delft, the Netherlands, as a senior lecturer in water resources management, and was a visiting lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe between 2004 and 2007. Her PhD research was on ‘Understanding hydrological processes in an ungauged catchment in Southern Africa’, during which she did extensive hydrological fieldwork in the Pangani River Basin in Tanzania. The research formed part of the ‘Smallholder systems innovations in integrated watershed management (SSI)’ project, focusing on enhancing smallholder livelihoods through improving food productivity. After her PhD, Marloes worked on various capacity building and research projects in both Southern Africa and South-East Asia, focusing on issues such as water allocation, addressing and resolving transboundary water issues, small and large dams, integrated natural resource management and integrated water resources management.



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Professional Affiliations :

Editorial board member of Frontiers in Environmental Science (2018-present)

Editor of the annual WaterNet special issues of Physics and Chemistry of the Earth (Elsevier) (2011-present)

Guest lecturer at National University of Ireland, CCAFS MSc program (2016-present)

Guest lecturer at Haramaya University, University of Zimbabwe, Kumasi National University of Science and Technology, National University of Rwanda, University of Dar Es Salaam (2004-2010)

Visiting lecturer University of Zimbabwe (2003-2007)


Professional Certification or Membership in Professional Associations :

Member of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS)

2013 Best Journal of River Basin Management Paper Award for Komakech et al., 2012.


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