Martin Mulenga Dr.

Senior Lecturer in Sanitation/Sanitary Engineering


Martin Mulenga is a senior lecturer in Sanitary Engineering in The Environmental Engineering and Water Technology Department and joined IHE Delft in October 2013. His responsibilities include research, lecturing, coordinating the Graduate Professional Diploma Programme (GPDP) online courses, supervision of and mentoring of MSc and PhD students. Martin is also part of the programme committee which develops and reviews the course materials for the MSc degrees in the Urban Water and Sanitation Core. He graduated with a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a focus on urban sanitation and water supply at the University of Southampton, in the United Kingdom in 2003. He originally trained as an architect at the Copperbelt University in Zambia and the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa and had an opportunity of working on a range of building design and construction projects in both Zambia and South Africa. 

Martin has spent the last 16 years working on research and implementing water supply, sanitation and public health programmes mostly in low-income areas of Africa, South East Asia and Latin-America. He is particularly interested in water supply and sanitation systems that take into consideration a range of factors including the technical, socio-cultural, public health and economic factors into planning and design. Over the years, he has also been keen on promoting co-production because it has the potential to lead to the design of more sustainable water and sanitation systems and strategies that are compatible with local customs and available human and material resources and can reach more people at scale. In the recent past, he has also been involved in projects that address the climate change adaptation challenges in developing countries, a research area that is becoming increasingly relevant in international development.

Prior to joining IHE Delft, Martin worked as a Senior Researcher in the Human Settlements Group at the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), a London based research and policy organisation for seven years where he coordinated IIED's work on urban water supply and sanitation. During his time at IIED, he also had an opportunity of guest lecturing at a number of UK universities including, Oxford, Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London, University of Birmingham and University of Southampton.


Research Studies

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Book Chapters

  • CAIN, A. & MULENGA, M. (2011) Conflict and Collaboration for Water Resources in Angola's Post-War Cities. In: TROELL, J., WEINTHAL, E. & NAKAYAMA, M. (eds.) Water and Post-Conflict Peace-building, Environmental Law Institute, University of Tokyo, UNEP.
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Conference proceedings

  • MULENGA, M (2011) Keynote Speaker – Social Impacts of Climate Change on Rural Area livelihoods Workshop in Polokwane, South Africa organized by Department of Science and Technology and HSRC – 24 October 2011.
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Media Interviews

Journal Reviews

Environment and Urbanisation, Journal of Research  in Economics and International Finance, International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, Waterlines Journal, Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, Environment & Planning C: Government & Policy