Mireia Tutusaus Luque

Affiliate Researcher


Mireia Tutusaus is currently monitoring, evaluation and learning advisor for international projects at VEi Dutch Water Operators and associate researcher at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education.  Mireia joined VEi in 2019 as deputy project manager in Kigali Rwanda working together with WASAC, Rwanda’s national water service provider. From Kigali Mireia provided expertise in projects in the region (EAC). Prior to VEi Mireia worked at IHE Delft as lecturer/researcher in the -at that time called – Integrated Water Systems and Governance department. Mireia obtained a degree in International Business Administration from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain), and MSc in Water Management from IHE Delft (NL). She obtained her PhD in 2019 from University of Amsterdam (NL).

Mireia combines her knowledge and experience in business administration with the challenges presented in the provision of water services. Her main area of expertise is the development and analysis of business and governance models of the provision of drinking water services in urban areas. She has participated in research and capacity development projects applying this interest to all types of service providers, from large formal utilities to small scale independent providers and community based organizations.

Mireia has a particular interest in the implementation and sustainability of water services models inquiring the suitability of current infrastructural and organizational models, and the financial arrangements behind to provide services for all. She enjoys questioning fundamental choices made by utilities, governments and development partners, as well as implementing practical tools to improve operational processes.

She has experience in projects and research regarding utility management in South East Asia, East and Southern Africa.

Research Summary

Urban Water Governance

Water Services Management

Infrastructure development for Water Services

Water Services for Small Towns


Tutusaus, M., Schwartz, K. and Savelli, E. (forthcoming), ‘Water for the Poor Water for the Urban Poor: Balancing financial and social objectives through service differentiation for low-income areas in the Kenyan water services sector. Utilities Policy.

Tutusaus, M., Schwartz, K. and Smit, S. (2016), ‘The Ambiguity of Innovation Drivers: The Adoption of Information and Communication Technologies by Public Water Utilities’, Journal of Cleaner Production.

Tutusaus, M. and Schwartz, K. (2016), ‘National Water Operators' Partnerships: a promising instrument for capacity development?’, Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development.

Schwartz, K., Tutusaus, M., Rusca, M. and Ahlers, R. (2015), ‘(In)formality: The Meshwork of Water Service Provisioning’, WIREs Water2(1), pp. 31–36.


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