Mohammad Gharesifard

PhD fellow


Mohammad Gharesifard received his BSc. degree in Civil Engineering from IAU University, Iran in 2005. He has seven years of combined study/design and construction supervision work experience in Iran's water sector. During this period he worked for water and environmental consulting companies and was involved in several socio-technical water and sanitation projects. Later on he enrolled in Water Resources Management MSc. program at IHE Delft and graduated with distinction in April 2015. Mohammad has a keen interest in studying innovative water management paradigms and especially the role of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in citizen science initiatives. During his MSc. thesis research, he focused on understanding the behavioural determinants of ICT-based citizen participation in water management. He employed a social psychology framework from behavioural sciences to map influential factors on willingness of citizens to share their Personal Weather Station (PWS) data. He carried out this research within the scope of the WeSenseIt that is an EU-FP7 project in the area of environmental monitoring utilizing Citizen Observatories. Directly after graduation, he streamlined into a PhD under WeSenseIt, focusing on different dimensions and dynamics of ICT-based citizen participation in water management. 


ICT-enabled Citizen Observatories of the environment: evaluation of the participation dynamics and outcomes


Journal articles:

  • Gharesifard, M., Wehn, U., & van der Zaag, P. (2017). Towards benchmarking citizen observatories: Features and functioning of online amateur weather networks. Journal of Environmental Management193, 381-393. doi:
  • Gharesifard, M., & Wehn, U. (2016). To share or not to share: Drivers and barriers for sharing data via online amateur weather networks. Journal of Hydrology, Vol. 535, pp.181-190. doi:

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